What is special about SimpleFundraise?

SimpleFundraise online system allows you to customize your campaign. You can include your school’s logo, pick your product selection and determine your profit margin to suit your community’ needs and maximize the success of your campaign.

Why are your products unique?

SimpleFundraise products are all-natural and free of most common allergens. The Kool for School products are nut and peanut free, as well as dairy, egg and sesame free, and therefore can be consumed at school safely. We also offer a selection of allergen-free options including nut and peanut free, dairy and egg free, sesame free, gluten free and soy free. Your campaign will be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and offer something to each member of your community.

Is the order process labour intense?

Not at all. SimpleFundraise is available online only and saves you precious time tallying order sheets and managing lists. We are paperless and eco-friendly!

Is there a minimum order requirement for your campaign?

Yes. A minimum order amount is required so that your shipment is delivered to your location at no additional costs. This information will be available to the campaign coordinator once the organization is registered.

Our school board is using an online pay system and we would like to avoid handling cash. We have also been spending time managing payments instead of promoting our fundraiser. What would it be like with SimpleFundraise?

With SimpleFundraise your campaign is online and cashless. Your community can order directly through the link provided to them and pay by credit card on the spot. Say goodbye to collecting, tallying and depositing money!

Do we have to pay for products ahead of the campaign?

No. Since your supporters pay for the products as part of the order process, your organization will receive payment from SimpleFundraise once the campaign is over.